Im being raised by villains – chapter 36:Complete review

Imagine a childhood where bedtime stories involve elaborate heist plans instead of fairy tales. Picture role models who scoff at heroes and revere cunning tricksters. This is the unique reality of those raised by villains. Morals are flipped, lines are blurred, and the concept of “good” takes on a whole new meaning. But what exactly does it mean to be raised by villains ?

Raised by Villains: A Twisted Upbringing

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Some might be the biological offspring of notorious villains, carrying a heavy legacy and the pressure to succeed in their parents’ nefarious endeavors. Others could be orphans, adopted by villains who see potential in their untapped cunning. The upbringing itself can vary greatly. It could be a harsh environment, focused on honing skills for criminal activity. Or, it could be surprisingly nurturing, with a warped sense of right and wrong instilled from a young age.

One thing’s for sure: a childhood under villainous tutelage shapes a distinct worldview. Here are some potential outcomes:

  • Morality in Shades of Gray: Heroes and villains become relative concepts. Raised on their parents’ justifications, these individuals might see their actions as a necessary evil, a fight against a corrupt system. They might have a strong sense of loyalty to their family, even if they don’t fully agree with their methods.
  • Exceptional Skills: Villains are often masters of specific skills, be it combat, manipulation, or technology. Growing up surrounded by their expertise, these children receive exceptional training. They might become highly skilled fighters, persuasive tricksters, or technological prodigies.
  • Internal Conflict: Despite their upbringing, some might have a flicker of good buried deep within. They might grapple with the dissonance between their villainous family and the heroes they see in forbidden books or glimpses of the outside world. This internal struggle could lead them down a path of redemption or further villainy.
  • A Craving for Normalcy: Some might yearn for a “normal” life, one free from the constant shadow of villainy. They might dream of a world where they can use their skills for good or simply live a peaceful life.

The story doesn’t end there. Here are some interesting paths these individuals might take:

  • Following in Their Footsteps: Some might embrace their villainous heritage, becoming the next generation of notorious criminals. They might even surpass their parents, taking their schemes to new heights.
  • The Rebellious Child: They might defy their parents, becoming heroes determined to stop their family’s reign of terror. This internal conflict can fuel their determination and make them formidable foes for their villainous parents.
  • The Independent: They might choose to forge their own path, using their skills for a neutral purpose or even becoming a vigilante – a shadowy figure who fights for what they believe in, outside the confines of heroism and villainy.

The possibilities are endless. This unconventional upbringing can create fascinatingly complex characters. Here are some tropes often associated with this theme:

  • The Prodigal Villain: being  Raised by villains but yearning for good, these individuals might struggle with their loyalties and eventually choose the path of redemption.
  • The Anti-Hero: They might use their villainous skills for a “greater good,” blurring the lines between hero and villain in a way that is both thrilling and morally ambiguous.
  • The Villain Reformer: They might believe they can change their villainous parents, leading to a tense and potentially dangerous dynamic.

Being raised by villains offers a unique perspective on the world. It’s a chance to explore the nature of good and evil, to see heroism from a different angle, and to create characters who are far from black and white. Whether they become the next generation of supervillains or forge their own path, their stories will be anything but ordinary.


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