Susan B. Anthony Dollar Value: Everything About

The Susan B. Anthony dollar Value coin, minted from 1979 to 1999, holds a unique place in American coinage. Introduced to address a perceived shortage of dollar coins, it faced public resistance due to its resemblance to a quarter. However, beyond its historical context, the Susan B. Anthony dollar Value presents an intriguing case study in coin value. This article delves into the factors that determine the worth of these coins, exploring the gap between their face value and potential collector’s value.

A Dollar Coin Meets Resistance

The Susan B. Anthony Dollar Value was the first dollar coin minted in the United States since the Eisenhower dollar (1971-1978). The government aimed to replace the unpopular dollar bill with a more durable and cost-effective coin. However, the public wasn’t entirely receptive. The coin’s size and weight were similar to a quarter, leading to confusion among users. Additionally, some found the removal of a president’s image from a dollar coin disrespectful, as previous dollar coins featured presidents.

Despite the initial resistance, the Susan B. Anthony Dollar Value remained in circulation for two decades. However, mintage significantly dropped after 1981, with most coins produced for collectors rather than everyday transactions. This limited circulation is a crucial factor influencing the coin’s value today.

Face Value vs. Collector’s Value: Understanding the Disparity

A circulated Susan B. Anthony Dollar Value, one that has been used in everyday transactions, is still worth its face value of $1. However, for collectors, the value can vary greatly depending on several factors:

  • Condition: The condition of the coin is paramount. Coins in pristine, uncirculated condition, with no scratches or wear, can be significantly more valuable. These coins, often kept by collectors from mint sets, can fetch hundreds, even reaching up to $1,950 in exceptional cases.
  • Mint Mark: The mint mark, a small letter indicating the mint that produced the coin, can influence value. The Denver mint (“D”) produced the most Susan B. Anthony Dollar Value, making them less valuable. However, coins with “P” (Philadelphia) or “S” (San Francisco) mint marks can be more sought-after.
  • Year and Variety: Specific years and varieties within those years can hold higher value. The 1981 coins, minted solely for collectors, are generally more valuable than circulated ones. Additionally, the 1979 “Near Date” variety, where the date appears closer to the rim, is another sought-after variation.

Grading Your Susan B. Anthony Dollar Value

Collectors rely on professional grading services to determine a coin’s condition and authenticity. These services assign a numerical grade based on a standardized scale, with higher numbers indicating better preservation. For uncirculated coins, additional designations like “Mint State” (MS) with a further grade (e.g., MS67) are used.

Grading is crucial, as it significantly impacts value. A circulated Susan B. Anthony Dollar Value might be worth just over a dollar, while a near-mint condition coin with a good grade could fetch tens of dollars.

Where to Find Out More and Sell Your Coins

If you have a Susan B. Anthony Dollar Value and are curious about its value, there are several resources available:

  • Online Coin Price Guides: Websites like PCGS ( offer price guides that list average values for different grades and varieties of Susan B. Anthony Dollar Value.
  • Coin Dealers: Reputable coin dealers can examine your coin and provide an estimated value based on its condition and rarity.
  • Coin Auctions: Online auction platforms like eBay can be used to see the selling prices of similar Susan B. Anthony Dollar Value.

The Legacy of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar Value

While the Susan B. Anthony Dollar Value faced initial challenges, it paved the way for future dollar coins like the Sacagawea dollar and the Presidential Dollar series. The limited mintage of certain years and varieties has created a niche market for collectors, with some coins reaching significant value.


The Susan B. Anthony Dollar Value presents a fascinating contrast between its face value and potential collector’s value. While a circulated coin remains a dollar, pristine or rare varieties can hold significant worth for collectors. Understanding factors like condition, mint mark, and year can unlock the hidden value within your Susan B. Anthony Dollar Value. Whether you choose to keep it as a historical token or explore the collector’s market, this unassuming coin offers a glimpse into American history and the ever-evolving world of numismatics.


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