Tamisie: A Name in Dispute Resolution

The name “Tamisie” appears most prominently associated with Colonel-Major Tamisié Bonzi, a military officer from Burkina Faso. However, due to the limited information available online, it’s difficult to definitively establish his full career or current standing.

Colonel-Major Tamisié Bonzi and the Samendéni Dam Project

The most relevant information regarding Tamisie surfaces in connection with the Samendéni Dam project in Burkina Faso. In February 2016, local populations impacted by the dam’s construction held protests to voice their grievances [1]. Among their demands were the return of withheld compensation and the removal of Colonel-Major Tamisié Bonzi, who was identified as the co-coordinator of the PDIS (Project Management Unit for the Samendéni Dam) [1].

The article highlights the dissatisfaction of the affected communities, but it doesn’t delve into the specifics of the accusations against Colonel-Major Bonzi. It’s unclear whether the grievances stemmed from mismanagement, a lack of transparency, or other factors.

There’s also no mention of the project’s current status or whether Colonel-Major Bonzi remains involved.

The Limits of Online Information

The scarcity of information online makes it difficult to paint a complete picture of Colonel-Major Tamisié Bonzi’s career or the resolution of the Samendéni Dam controversy. Here are some possible explanations:

  • Limited News Coverage: News outlets in Burkina Faso might have covered the protests and Colonel-Major Bonzi’s role in more detail, but this information might not be readily available in English or through international search engines.
  • Focus on Local Events: The Samendéni Dam project might be a local issue that hasn’t garnered significant national or international attention.
  • Privacy Concerns: It’s also possible that Colonel-Major Bonzi prefers to maintain a private profile, and there might not be much publicly available information about his work beyond the 2016 incident.

The Importance of Context

Without a broader context, it’s challenging to evaluate Colonel-Major Tamisié Bonzi’s professional standing or the legitimacy of the protests against him.

Here are some additional details that could provide a clearer picture:

  • Colonel-Major Bonzi’s Military Background: Understanding his military experience could shed light on his qualifications for the PDIS co-coordinator role.
  • Official Statements: Press releases or official reports from the Burkina Faso government or the PDIS itself might offer more insights into the project’s progress and the accusations against Colonel-Major Bonzi.
  • Local Media Reports: Consulting Burkina Faso news outlets in French could provide a more comprehensive perspective on the Samendéni Dam project and the controversy surrounding Colonel-Major Bonzi.


The name “Tamisie” is currently linked to Colonel-Major Tamisié Bonzi and the Samendéni Dam project in Burkina Faso. However, the available information online offers an incomplete picture. Further investigation, potentially through local news sources or official reports, would be necessary to understand the situation fully.


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