What is Jormungandr Ignis Breeding Combo?

Jormungandr Ignis Breeding combo, the fiery serpent Pal in Palworld, is a coveted companion for many players. This powerful Fire-type boasts impressive stats and a fearsome appearance, making it a valuable addition to any Pal collection. But unlike most Pals, Jormungandr Ignis Breeding combo can’t be obtained through breeding random combinations. This guide will delve into the specifics of acquiring this elusive creature, including the breeding combo, alternative methods, and helpful tips.

Understanding Jormungandr Ignis Breeding combo

Jormungandr Ignis Breeding combo is the Fire-type variant of the Jormuntide Pal family. It possesses a fiery breath attack and excels in physical combat. However, breeding mechanics in Palworld differ for certain legendary Pals like Jormungandr Ignis Breeding combo. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know:

  • Unique Breeding Requirement: Unlike most Pals, Jormungandr Ignis Breeding combo can only be bred by using two Jormuntide Ignis themselves. This means you’ll need to acquire a male and female Jormungandr Ignis Breeding combo before attempting to breed them.
  • Unlocking the Breeding Farm: Before you start breeding any Pals, you’ll need to unlock the Breeding Farm in your base. This requires reaching Level 19 and spending resources (20 Stones, 100 Wood, and 50 Fiber) to construct it.

Steps to Breeding Jormungandr Ignis Breeding combo

  1. Acquire Two Jormuntide Ignis: This is the most crucial step. You can find Jormungandr Ignis Breeding combo in the wild, either as formidable field bosses or roaming specific dungeons. Be prepared for a challenging fight, as these Fire-type dragons pack a punch. Alternatively, you might encounter other players willing to trade Jormuntide Ignis.

  2. Prepare the Breeding Farm: Once you have your Jormuntide Ignis pair, ensure your Breeding Farm is built and operational.

  3. Place the Pals and Cake: Put the male and female Jormuntide Ignis in the designated slots within the Breeding Farm. Additionally, place a Cake in the provided chest to initiate the breeding process. Cakes act as a catalyst for successful breeding.

  4. Wait for Completion: Breeding takes time. The progress bar on the Breeding Farm will indicate the remaining duration. This timeframe can vary depending on the Pals involved, but Jormungandr Ignis Breeding combo breeding typically takes longer due to its rarity.

  5. Hatching the Egg: Once the progress bar is complete, you’ll receive a Huge Dragon Egg. This egg will hatch into a Jormuntide Ignis, allowing you to expand your Pal collection.

Alternative Methods for Obtaining Jormungandr Ignis Breeding combo

While breeding offers a reliable method, here are some alternative ways to acquire Jormuntide Ignis:

  • Capture in the Wild: As mentioned earlier, Jormuntide Ignis can be found roaming specific dungeons or encountered as field bosses. Be prepared for a difficult fight – bringing strong Pals with Water-type attacks will be advantageous.

  • Trading with Other Players: The trading market in Palworld allows players to exchange Pals. Keep an eye out for players offering Jormuntide Ignis, but be prepared to offer a fair trade in return.

Tips for Successful Jormungandr Ignis Breeding combo

  • Optimize Breeding Stats: While the breeding combo is fixed for Jormungandr Ignis Breeding combo, consider the individual stats of your breeding pair. Selecting Jormuntide Ignis with high desired stats (attack, defense, etc.) can increase the chances of inheriting those traits in the offspring.

  • Use High-Quality Cakes: Higher quality Cakes can potentially shorten the breeding time. Stock up on these by purchasing them from shops or crafting them with better ingredients.

  • Patience is Key: Breeding rare Pals like Jormungandr Ignis Breeding combo can be time-consuming. Don’t get discouraged if it takes multiple attempts – persistence is crucial!


Jormungandr Ignis Breeding combo stands as a powerful and coveted companion in Palworld. While acquiring it requires specific methods and potentially some effort, the rewards are substantial. This guide has equipped you with the knowledge to tackle the Jormungandr Ignis breeding combo, explore alternative methods, and optimize your chances of success.


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