What is KACMUN

The Korean American Coalition Model United Nations (KACMUN) stands as the longest-running Korean American MUN program, offering a platform for inner-city youth to delve into the intricacies of international relations and hone essential life skills.

This article delves into the heart of KACMUN, exploring its mission, program structure, and the profound impact it has on its participants.

Cultivating Global Citizens: The KACMUN Mission

KACMUN’s mission transcends simply replicating the workings of the United Nations. It strives to empower underprivileged high school students by equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to become active and informed global citizens. The program fosters critical thinking, public speaking, research, and negotiation – all while providing a platform to engage with pressing global issues.

This focus on underserved youth is particularly noteworthy. By offering an after-school program at no cost, KACMUN bridges the gap in educational opportunities, ensuring that inner-city students have access to experiences that broaden their horizons and equip them for future success.

The KACMUN Experience

The KACMUN program operates on a weekly basis, offering students the flexibility to choose between Tuesday or Thursday sessions. These sessions are designed to be engaging and interactive, transporting students from their local communities to the heart of the international stage.

Here’s a glimpse into what a typical KACMUN session might entail:

  • Committee Assignments: Students are assigned to represent specific countries within designated committees that mirror real-world UN structures. These committees tackle a diverse range of global challenges, from environmental issues to human rights and international security.
  • Research and Preparation: Armed with their assigned country’s perspective, students delve into in-depth research on the designated topic. This research phase equips them with the knowledge and understanding necessary to effectively represent their assigned nation.
  • Debate and Negotiation: The heart of the KACMUN experience lies in the committee sessions. Here, students don the hats of diplomats, engaging in formal debates, proposing resolutions, and fostering international cooperation – all while upholding the interests of their assigned country.
  • Developing Essential Skills: Throughout the program, students hone a multitude of skills crucial for success in academics and beyond. Public speaking becomes second nature as they confidently articulate their positions during debates. Research skills are sharpened, and students learn to navigate complex information sources effectively. Negotiation and critical thinking come into play as students collaborate with their peers to find common ground and craft workable solutions.

The Lasting Impact of KACMUN

The benefits of participating in KACMUN extend far beyond the committee room. The program fosters a sense of community and belonging among students, as they forge connections with like-minded peers who share a passion for global issues. The confidence gained through public speaking and leadership training empowers students to actively participate in their schools and communities.

Perhaps the most significant impact of KACMUN lies in its ability to spark a lifelong interest in international affairs. Students who participate in the program often develop a deeper understanding of the complex web of relationships that bind the global community. This newfound awareness can inspire them to pursue careers in diplomacy, international relations, or other fields that allow them to contribute to a more peaceful and just world.

Alumni Success Stories: KACMUN boasts a proud record of alumni success. Many graduates have gone on to prestigious universities such as Stanford, Princeton, and Columbia, while others have pursued careers in international relations, law, and public service. These success stories are a testament to the program’s ability to unlock the potential of inner-city youth and propel them towards fulfilling futures.

Looking Ahead: The Future of KACMUN

As KACMUN continues its mission of empowering young minds, it faces exciting opportunities for growth. Expanding its reach to encompass a wider range of schools and partnering with international organizations are potential avenues for further impact.

By fostering a global perspective among its participants, KACMUN not only empowers individuals but also cultivates a generation of informed and engaged citizens who can contribute to a more peaceful and just world order. As the program continues to evolve, one thing remains certain: KACMUN’s dedication to empowering underserved youth and fostering global awareness will continue to be its guiding light.


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