WWE Raw S31E19: What You Need to Know About

The road to WrestleMania is never a straight line, and on episode 19 of WWE RAW S31E19 Season 31 (May 8th, 2023), the action intensified as the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament kicked off. With the prestigious title left vacant, six hungry superstars stepped into the ring, ready to prove their dominance in a series of high-octane Triple Threat matches.

This episode also saw the much-anticipated return of a legendary female wrestler, Trish Stratus, who added a touch of nostalgia to the night’s proceedings. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the key happenings on WWE RAW S31E19:

The World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Begins:

  • Match 1: Triple Threat – Cody Rhodes vs. Damian Priest vs. Finn Bálor: This match was a fast-paced spectacle. Cody Rhodes, fresh off a strong showing at Elimination Chamber, displayed impressive athleticism. Damian Priest brought his signature brutality, while Finn Bálor, the former champion, showcased his cunning and experience. In the end, it was Cody Rhodes who emerged victorious after a perfectly executed Cross Rhodes on Damian Priest.

  • Match 2: Triple Threat – Seth “Freakin” Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. The Miz: This encounter was a clash of styles. Seth Rollins, known for his high-flying maneuvers, battled against the methodical Shinsuke Nakamura and the opportunistic Miz. The match saw moments of intense technical wrestling interspersed with bursts of high-flying action from Rollins. Ultimately, The Miz capitalized on a brawl between Rollins and Nakamura, stealing the win with a Skull-Crushing Finale on a distracted Nakamura.

The Return of a Legend: Trish Stratus Makes a Grand Reappearance:

The WWE Universe erupted in excitement as Trish Stratus, a seven-time Women’s Champion, returned to WWE RAW S31E19. While details of her involvement were unclear, her presence instantly elevated the energy in the arena. Speculation ran wild about whether she would be mentoring a young talent, competing in a match, or simply making a nostalgic appearance.

Other Show Highlights:

  • United States Championship Match Preview: The United States Champion, Austin Theory, addressed the crowd, boasting about his recent victory. He then went on to taunt his upcoming challenger, hinting at a brutal encounter at the next pay-per-view event.

  • Women’s Tag Team Action: The newly crowned Women’s Tag Team Champions, Becky Lynch and Lita, had a backstage segment where they addressed the challenges they would face in the coming weeks. Their camaraderie and fighting spirit hinted at a strong reign for the veteran duo.

  • Backstage Brawls and Fiery Promos: The episode wasn’t short on drama outside the ring. Several superstars engaged in heated confrontations backstage, adding an extra layer of intrigue to ongoing rivalries. Additionally, fiery promos delivered by some of the main event contenders set the stage for future clashes.

Impact and Significance:

WWE RAW S31E19 successfully kicked off the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, igniting excitement for the weeks to come. The Triple Threat matches delivered a thrilling viewing experience, showcasing the talent and diversity within the Raw roster. Additionally, Trish Stratus’s return left fans eager to see her next move, while the ongoing storylines involving other championships and rivalries ensured a well-rounded episode.

Looking Ahead:

With two superstars advancing in the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, Raw has set the stage for even more intense competition in the coming weeks. The return of Trish Stratus also promises an interesting development in the women’s division. Fans can expect high-stakes matches, unexpected alliances, and thrilling moments as the road to WrestleMania continues to unfold.

  • Match analysis: Provide a more detailed breakdown of each Triple Threat match, highlighting key moves, near falls, and turning points.
  • Superstar reactions: Discuss the post-match interviews or backstage comments from the participants in the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.
  • Fan theories: Explore online speculation and fan theories surrounding Trish Stratus’s return and its potential implications for the women’s division.
  • Predictions for the future: Make informed predictions about the upcoming matches in the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament and other ongoing storylines.


WWE Raw S31E19 delivered a compelling episode that set the stage for a thrilling journey towards WrestleMania. The World Heavyweight Championship Tournament kicked off with a bang, showcasing the athleticism and determination of the participating superstars. The return of Trish Stratus added a touch of nostalgia and ignited speculation about her future involvement.


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